DT World offers a whole suite of solutions in a single ecosystem that respect privacy and anonymity while ensuring the highest level of compliance standard:
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About DTSocialize

We are at the forefront of digital services, building a world where you can seamlessly connect, message, socialise, transact, and manage your assets in person, online and in Umetaworld using one digital identity while keeping control of your data using also NFT in Blockchain Technology
DTWorld offers a secure bridge between modern digital services from financial to social, commerce to investment within a single ecosystem that guarantees your privacy. DTWorld’s mission is to create a global community of users that can access these services with all the possible ease.
We don’t sell your personal data for direct marketing. But we give benefits to you when you choose to share it with us.enefits.
Within DTWorld you find three different groups of companies: Social Network Group, Financial Solutions Group, and Digital Assets Group. And you can get a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions, from individual to business.
Our services are simple, resilient, secure, transparent, sustainable and equitable.
Technology is our tool.
Welcome to DTWorld.


Business Areas

DT Fintech

Our fintech integrates our full range of online financial services with fiat and crypto operations for smart, easy transactions.

DT Social Tools

Our social media and networking tools make the internet a safe place to transact and socialise.

DT Digital Assets

Our dedicated wallet services allow members to manage their wealth easily and safely; and we use tokens as integral part of our business model

Meet DTSocialize Team

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DTWorld’s mission is to provide inclusive, equitable, easy, secure and seamless digital services to our members acting in person, online and in metaverse.

Our vision is simplicity, resilience, security, transparency, sustainability and equality.

We have grown organically and by acquisition.

Launched in 2020, we entered 2022 with a global community approaching 700,000 members. Membership growth is accelerating as new products and services are added. We have high member loyalty and low member churn.

Merchants, banks and other service providers link to DTWorld using an API, making implementation fast and low-cost.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards, are fully compliant and operate transparently.

Our business model is sustainable because it is based on charging our members for using DTWorld services such as social tools, wallet, asset management and transactions rather than monetising their personal data. Revenues come from commissions paid for services inside the ecosystem. We will never sell our members’ personal data for direct marketing. We will, however, sell anonymised data for consumer and public safety research. A proportion of this revenue funds our loyalty programmes.

DTWorld has been funded privately and by reinvesting profits.

Our auditors are PwC and KPMG.



We are fully compliant with all the relevant regulations wherever we operate.
Our holding is based in the UK and our companies providing payment solutions and debit/credit cards are licensed, as required, under the Financial Conduct Authority.
Payments Solutions and Cards Aquiring companies are UK and licensed as required under the Financial Conduct Authority.
Our crypto wallet services as well as tokenisation, exchange and encryption are provided where appropriate under Lithuanian authorities.
Our asset management company holds a Lithuanian license to invest worldwide in equities, commodities, bonds, nominal bonds and emerging market credits via UCITs (Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities).


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